July 23, 2023

In this week's blast:


    We hope that everyone is enjoying the newly resurfaced courts at MVP. They were well overdue for some much-needed TLC.

    We ask that as you are enjoying them that you remember some basic care and consideration to help protect the new surface.

    - Please refrain from putting chairs, stools, bikes etc. anywhere on the court surface. The possibility of damaging the acrylic surface exists as seen in the photo below, where there is a deep gouge in the kitchen area of court 14.

    - We have replaced 400 yards of the black toppers covering the fencing around the entire facility. If you’ve never assisted in installing this, it is very tiresome and grueling work. We ask that players not jump the fences to retrieve balls as this causes the toppers to crack. Please spread the word!
    - Also, please do not bring your dogs on the courts. We all love our fury family members but laying on the hot courts is no place for them.
    - We also ask that everyone be vigilant in helping to correct bad behavior on the courts and report any vandalism that you witness, like whoever cut the rope on our flagpole, also pictured below. The courts are beautiful, but they will only stay that way if we all work together to keep them that way. 

    - The 2 additional paddles up troughs are in place and will hopefully ease the congestion when the courts are full. 
    Please do not take this Blast message negatively, it is only meant to point out things and practices that will keep the facility in prime condition for our community to enjoy.
    “There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.” – Idowu Koyenikan

    PPPA Board of Directors 


    Meg Duncan was introduced to pickleball in 2020 by her father-in-law and was instantly hooked. Meg currently runs the Pikes Peak Pickleball Association Ladder program. A former member of the USA Triathlon staff from 2011-2020, Meg oversaw grassroots youth initiatives; working closely with staff on national programs, developing new partnerships, and expanding triathlon in the youth market. She stays active through playing pickleball, occasionally training for triathlons, skiing, hiking, and raising her two young daughters. 


    Please click on the balloon

    or use the direct link http://roberta-loughman.remax.com


    Attention Round Robin PPPA Members,

    The PPPA is holding a series of Round Robin Tournaments just for you!  You are eligible to play in the one that corresponds to the RR Group you are currently in.  The tournaments will be round robins much like we play every week with one difference - prizes.

    Register Here, the cost is only $15.  The proceeds will go to maintaining and improving the pickleball facilities right here in El Paso County!  Once everyone is registered to play, the Tournament Director will assign each person a randomized number.  This will be your position for the six games.  The scoring will be Play to 11, win by 1.  The number of entries will dictate whether we run with one pool or two.  If we have two pools, there will be a playoff game.

    Winners will be determined based on total points.  Ties will be resolved either by point differential or by a playoff game.

    • First Place: a free entry into the Pikes Peak or Bust Tournament valued at $65. 
    • Second Place: a $20.00 gift certificate to be used at the PPPA store.

    Tournament Schedule

    *The is no cash value applied to the winnings, only the prize listed.

    *Cancellations will not be refunded.

    *Refunds will not be given if the tournament is cancelled or modified due to inclement weather, natural disasters or acts of terrorism.

    Don’t forget to sign up for our ICE CREAM SOCIAL on 8/4 with teaching instructors to give help and assistance to improve your game.

    See you on the courts,

    Dan Lovelace

    PPPA Education & Training Director



    THE PPPA Social Committee cordially invites you, our members, to attend our annual Ice Cream Social. Mark your calendars now to save Friday, August 4, 2023, from 3:00-6:00 p.m. for the PPPA Dinks and Dips Ice Cream Social at MVP. Bring your paddle and join us for drills with teaching pros: Bill Muno, Joe Frasca, Sandeep Maity and Sara Brezniak, play, member meet and greet, and of course, ice cream from BJ's Velvet Freez. To sign up, click here. 


    Find yourself with a few extra paddles laying around and not sure what to do with them?  Consider donating your old equipment so that beginners will have more opportunity to play.

    PPPA will have a collection box at the Ice Cream Social on Friday, August 4 from 3pm to 6pm where you can drop off your loved, gently used but no longer needed paddles.  Donations will be used to help local non-profits and outreach programs introduce pickleball to others in our local communities.


    In coordination with the Colorado Springs Park and Recreation Staff leadership. After having received many, many complaints and suggestions from players both PPPA Members and Non-members, beginners to advanced players, a decision has been made to try to improve the paddle up system at the Monument Valley Park (MVP) Courts. Trying to come up with a system that is fair and equitable for everyone that plays and enjoys our beautiful facility was our priority and we hope that everyone will work together to make this work. As we all know, trying to manage a 15 court facility that is as busy as MVP is not an easy task. 

    After speaking with 100s of players that play pickleball at the Monument Valley Park (MVP) courts, both PPPA members and members of the general community that enjoy the facility, it became overwhelmingly apparent that a new system of sharing the courts when they are full is well overdue.  To ensure that all players are afforded the opportunity to play we currently utilize a paddling up system that consists of one paddle up trough for all 15 courts. This is where players stack their paddles and wait for a court to open up. When the courts are full players are supposed to play one game to 11, and at the completion of their game call out "open court" while raising their paddles in the air. This alerts those that are waiting that the court is open and the next group that have their paddles stacked in the trough will take the open court. As you can imagine this gets pretty confusing when the facility is full and there around 50 to 60 players waiting to play. 

    In an effort to better manage and coordinate a fair and equitable process for all, we have determined that the need exists to add two additional paddles up troughs.  

    Thanks to some very generous volunteers who built us 2 additional troughs pictured below.

    The plan is this:  Divide the facility into 3 separate sections to eliminate the need for players to monitor the entire facility (15 courts) while awaiting an open court.

    There will be a trough placed on the west side of court 6 where players can paddle up for courts:  1 - 6 "ONLY."

    There will be a trough placed on the west side of court 15 where players can paddle up for courts:  12 - 15 "ONLY."

    The current paddle up trough will remain where it is currently located in the admin area near the flagpole and players can paddle up there for courts: 7 - 11 "ONLY."

    Dividing them in this way will eliminate the possibility of players "cheating" or "gaming" the system by paddling up in more than one trough. (Yes, this does occur). There are players that will attempt all levels of ways to get around whatever system is implemented.

    The two additional paddles up troughs will be installed on Sunday afternoon 16 July 2023 with the new system being in effect immediately after.

    *NOTE: Players are still allowed to play singles utilizing the paddles up system when the courts are full. They should play one game to 11 and then restack their paddles just as the players playing doubles. 

    *NOTE: When the courts are full and paddles up is in effect, players should not be "drilling" as this causes a lot of unnecessary issues and tension. 

    We ask that all players assist new players, visitors etc. by educating them as to how the new system works. We know that this will not be accepted by all but it will benefit the majority if we all work together to share and respect each other. 

    "Having a little consideration and thoughts for others goes a long way. Having no consideration or thoughts for others makes for a very short encounter."

    PPPA Board of Directors in collaboration with the Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation Staff Leadership


    Registration is open for the 2023 Colorado Open - Pikes Peak or Bust Tournament. 

    This is the "only" tournament that dedicates all proceeds to the City of Colorado Springs and to El Paso County to assist in funding new courts. Current new court development projects are:

     - Bear Creek Park - 6 additional pickleball courts and two tennis courts dual striped for pickleball

     - Venezia Park - 4 additional pickleball courts which are Pending Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation approval

     - Coleman Park - 18 - 20 pickleball courts that are included in the final design for the park

    Please register as soon as possible and be ready to enjoy some competitive play and a fun tournament experience!

    All information for registration can be found by clicking on this flyer:


    The Pueblo County Pickleball Association is hosting their first ever tournament at the new Mineral Palace Park courts on August 18-20, 2023.  The Battle of the Paddles Pueblo 2023 is the weekend after PPPA’s CO Open - Pike Peak or Bust. Click on the flyer to read more about this tournament or email Sue Coman, the coordinator, at arroyoacres@ghvalley.net



    To register go to pickleballbrackets.com.  


    Come on out of the heat and enjoy our Climate Controlled Courts! Our swamp coolers are working great!

    We have some new events on the calendar. Check out what we have going on:

    CA$H PRIZE ROUND ROBIN - MEN'S 4.25+ (Minimum 4.25 DUPR level will be strictly enforced)

    Teams will be split into two pools. Each pool will play a round robin, one game to 11 win by 2. Top 2 teams of each pool will advance to the play-off games for 1st and 2nd place. Ties will be determined head to head. 

    Providing the event has 12 teams, cash prizes will be $140 for the first place team ($70 per player) and $100 for the 2nd place team ($50 per player). Prize money will be pro-rated based on number of teams.

    Include your partner's name in your registration - each person must register separately (make sure they register before the event becomes full).

    This event is for FUN! FUN! FUN! Scores will NOT be entered into DUPR

    $30 for non members / $25 for members

    Sign up here: https://app.courtreserve.com/Online/Public/EmbedCode/8778/24010/413245?orgLayout=true


    - No Partner Needed

    - No Subs Needed 

    - We Have Leagues for All Levels / All Ages (Including an all new Junior League for ages 9-14)

    - Duration: Six Weeks

    - Opt In or Opt Out each week

    - Enter your own scores through the CourtReserve App and see your standings almost immediately

    - Springs Pickleball will enter all matches into DUPR unless otherwise specified below



    3.0 Men - 5-7 PM

    3.5 Men - 7-9 PM


    3.5 Co-ed 50+ - 10-12 PM (No DUPR entries)

    3.5 Women - 5-7 PM

    4.0 Women - 7-9 PM


    3.5 - 4.0 Co-ed Social - 12-2P PM (No DUPR entries)

    4.0 Men - 7-9 PM


    3.0 Women - 7-9 PM


    3.0 WOMEN - 10-12 PM

    Junior League ages 9-14 - 4-6 PM

    To sign up for a league just open your app and select the section that says leagues. All the leagues that you qualify for will appear for you to sign up. If you have any trouble, just email me at julie@springspickleball.com or call me at 719-640-1711 Tuesday - Saturday


    Looking for gifts for yourself or pickleball loving family members or friends? Look no further! We have restocked our shelves and PPPA logo merchandise is now on sale with most sizes and colors of tee shirts, pullovers, hats and visors currently available in limited supplies online at the PPPA Store (pikespeakpickleball.com). Simply go to the website, click on the “Store” link, and follow the prompts to search for available colors, sizes, and styles.

    Payment can be made through PayPal or with your own credit card. Your purchase will be mailed to you for an additional charge, or you may choose to pick up your item(s). Pick up instructions will appear on your confirmation if you choose this option. Supplies are limited so log on and shop today!

    Erica Roberts, Merchandise Manager


    Did you know that you can earn $$$ for PPPA with every dollar you spend when you shop at King Soopers or City Market? Friends and Family can help PPPA earn money too!

    See this flyer for information and how you can sign up.

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