If you are interested in Doubles Ladder Play, please contact Meg Duncan @

Ladder play consists of matches for 4 or 5 players at a similar skill level.  Each player plays with every other player in the match and the final scores are posted to the coordinator. 

Players sign up weekly through a web app.  The matches are created, and a ladder coordinator is assigned.  The coordinator leads the negotiation of the day/time/location to play the match.  

Matches are 3 games to 15 or 4 games to 11 with players changing partners after each game.  The scores for each player are recorded and posted by the Ladder Coordinator. Depending on how well you play any given week, you move up or down the ladder.

Currently, there are two ladders. One is for beginning ladder players with skill levels of 2.5 - 3.0.  The other ladder is for more experienced pickleball players with skill levels of 3.0 and above. The matches are competitive.  An instructor is not provided, but Ladder Coordinators can answer questions as needed.

Note.  There is also a ladder for players who enjoy singles pickleball play.  The details are listed at the end of this post. 

Ladder participants must be members of the PPPA in good standing and have a minimum of four different days and times of day available to play a match in the week for which they sign up.  If you do not have the availability this week, you can always sign-up next week instead. "Every night after 5:00 pm or every day before noon" does not meet the flexibility requirements since you are only providing one time of day. The flexibility requirement is a key component to the success of our program so please be mindful of your pickleball buddies.

Please note that it is not recommended for a foursome to play during Open Play times at MVP as you will need to rotate in as a regular group.

Ladder Captain:

3.0 and up: Meg Duncan

If you would like to join a ladder, contact the Ladder Captain of the appropriate skill level.  Please contact Meg Duncan at for assistance in determining the right group for you if you are unsure of your skill level.


If you are interested in Singles Ladder Play, please contact Teresa Heckel @

The intent of the singles ladder will be to provide a way for players who enjoy singles to do so in a fun, competitive, organized, social way.  It will be modelled after the doubles ladder run by Meg, with a few modifications to better accommodate singles play.
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