Open Play Schedule

  • Where: Monument Valley Park, Colorado Springs
  • When:  Open Play, Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am to 12 noon

      Open Play Process:

      If less than a group of four players are waiting at the court you are playing on, be courteous and provide them with the needed players from your group for the next game. Player rotations may be decided at each court.

      If less than a group of four players are waiting to play at a court, try to match the skill level of players on the court.

      After Open Play hours (8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.), it is recommended but not required, that players follow the same court rules and etiquette as during Open Play hours.

      Paddle-Up Process:

      If you are NEW to how the Trough System at MVP works, below is a brief overview:

      • The TROUGH system is used when the courts at MVP are full and there are players waiting for an open court.  Paddles are stacked (4 for doubles, 2 for singles) in the trough from left to right (see pic below); the paddles to the left go to the next open court and other paddles move to the left.
      • Games are played 1-11, win by 2 and then leave the court so the next group up can take the open court.
      • When you finish your game and leave the court, call out “COURT OPEN” and the group to the left in the Trough will go to the open court. 
      • Let’s all be polite to one another and fair in our use and sharing of courts during the busy times of day at MVP.

      For other places to play Pickleball in our area, both indoor and outdoor courts, visit our Where To Play page.

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