As clinics become available in Colorado Springs, PPPA will do its best to inform its members of these unique opportunities. 

There are several types of clinics:

1.  Skill-Level Clinics – to focus on stroke mechanics and strategy concepts.  These clinics help identify areas in your game that need attention, problem areas that are preventing you from furthering your game and help and guidance in getting your play to the next level. 
  • If interested in organizing your own Skill-Level Clinic for 4-8 players, PPPA Members and USAPA Great Plains Regional Directors, Steve and Ramona Boone, are available to host.  They offer strong pickleball skill development techniques, an excellent strategy session, specifically for tournaments, and great ideas on how to always keep it fun on the courts!  The Boones may be contacted at

2.  Pro Player Clinics – highly focused, multi-day events where a top Pickleball Pro specifically comes to the area to offer their high-level instruction and strategy techniques.  These events are for players serious about getting better and moving to the next level.  They are intensive, very instructional and offer strategy sessions and practice-play led by the Pro(s).
  • If you have a Pickleball Pro that you are interested in inviting to Colorado Springs to teach a clinic, please contact Dan Lovelace @ to assist you with your efforts. 

3.  Destination Bound Clinics – clinics that take place at a vacation destination, typically an all-inclusive resort.  These events incorporate Pickleball within a vacation and typically include daily clinics, pickleball exhibition games, strategy talks and FAQ sessions.  Plenty of time is left to vacation and explore.  Here are some links for more information on Pickleball Destination Clinics:
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