March 16, 2022



We received a lot of positive feedback regarding Email Blast Special Edition #1.  This second installment will focus on PPPA’s relationships with Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services (COS PRCS) and El Paso County Parks (EPCP).   


PPPA has two different agreements with two different local government departments. 


First, PPPA has a Public-Private Partnership Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the COS PRCS (see:  The term for this MOU is from Jan 21, 2021 through Dec 31, 2023 and is specifically for Monument Valley Park Pickleball Facility.  Our PPPA membership should take pride in the fact our Association supported the growth of pickleball in our community by raising over $220,000 for this facility.    


The Board receives many questions about PPPA’s relationship with COS PRCS concerning John Venezia Community Park (JVCP).  The current MOU with COS PRCS does not cover the four pickleball courts at JVCP.  As many PPPA members know, there is a high demand at this pickleball venue that causes long “paddle up” lines on good-weather days.  PPPA has reserved funding in its 2022 budget to help offset the cost of converting the single, lighted-tennis court to four additional pickleball courts.  At PPPA’s recommendation, this post-tension concrete tennis court was specifically oversized to accommodate the additional planned growth for pickleball on that court.  However, until the city is able to fund the lighting on the remaining five tennis courts, the court conversion will not take place.  When the tennis court lighting is funded by the COS PRCS, PPPA plans to reassess its MOU with COS PRCS to include JVCP pickleball courts for its Education and Training programs.   


Secondly, PPPA has a Facility Use Agreement with EPCP (see:  The term for this Agreement is from Jan 1, 2020 through Jan 1, 2023 and is specifically for Bear Creek Regional Park (BCRP) pickleball venue.  Our PPPA membership should take pride in the fact our Association supported the growth of pickleball in our community by contributing $100,000 for this facility, in cooperation with the El Pomar Foundation which also donated $20,000 for the development of this pickleball venue in response to a PPPA grant request.  PPPA has reserved funding in its 2022 budget to help offset the cost of further improvements planned for the BCRP pickleball venue, including a sun shelter on the upper west end of the courts for players and future tournament operations.  PPPA has no additional facility use agreements with EPCP for any other pickleball courts.         


In both cases, PPPA helps reduce the financial burdens of local governments through funding for mutually identified needs and priorities for pickleball court construction, improvements and maintenance.  Your PPPA Board makes financial decisions in partnership with local governments.  All PPPA funds provided to PRCS (MVP) or EPCP (BCRP) go into accounts dedicated to those pickleball facilities.  There are three ways PPPA reduces the financial burden for local government organizations: 


1) Fundraising for specific items through restricted donations.  A restricted donation are funds raised for a specified purpose.  These funds do not draw from the PPPA operating budget.  For example, PPPA conducted a GoFundMe event to offset the cost of lighting at MVP pickleball courts.  Another example is sponsored donations designated for the development of the BCRP pickleball court venue.   


2) Tournament proceeds.  

(MVP).  Per our MOU for the MVP facility, a minimum of $750 from the proceeds of PPPA sponsored tournaments goes to COS PRCS.  These PPPA funds go to a PRCS account dedicated to pickleball court development, maintenance, and improvements.  The PPPA Board works cooperatively with PRCS to determine the priorities for these funds at MVP.      

(BCRP).  Per our Facility Use Agreement for the BCRP venue, $500 of the proceeds of PPPA sponsored state or area tournaments goes to EPCP.  For PPPA sponsored regional or national tournaments, $1,000 of the proceeds goes to EPCP.  EPCP uses these funds for maintenance at the venue, working in partnership with PPPA to determine priorities. 


3) PPPA-supported improvement projects.  PPPA directly funds “self-help” improvement projects at MVP and BCRP in collaboration with local government organizations.  For example, PPPA membership donated time and materials for safety fence coverings and the new “paddle up” systems in time for BCRP’s pickleball venue grand opening.  Another example is the installation of the “paddle up” trough at MVP by PPPA membership.  Additionally, PPPA recently purchased and will soon install signage at MVP which identifies court-reservation days/times for PPPA’s Outreach, Education and Training programs.  Finally, PPPA supported JVCP by purchasing replacement center straps for the pickleball nets when they had worn out. 

PPPA Board often gets questions surrounding court maintenance issues and who is responsible to fund repairs.  Per both the agreements with local government organizations, PPPA does not directly fund operating and court maintenance costs at MVP nor BCRP (e.g., court repair, court resurfacing, fence repair or replacement).  Both COS PRCS and EPCP draw funds from their general operating budget paid for by local tax revenue for maintenance.  The proceeds from PPPA sponsored tournaments can be used to offset these maintenance costs as determined by COS PRCS and EPCP.      


If you are ever dissatisfied with the condition of the pickleball courts, you may notify the PPPA Board.  The PPPA Board can raise these concerns to our contacts in COS PRCS and EPCP.  However, the PPPA Board does not determine the funding allocation and priorities set forth by local governments.  We encourage you to also bring these matters to local parks departments using the links below, as greater inputs from citizens can lead to quicker actions from the parks departments.   

City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services  

El Paso County 


PPPA was also instrumental in the long-term strategic planning for future pickleball venues in our area. Consistent with our mission to promote the sport in El Paso County, PPPA helped shape the government planning and financial justification for pickleball courts in the 2014-2025 Parks Master Plan (see the attached excerpt from the approved plan below). 



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