June 20, 2021


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PPPA has a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with the EL Paso County Park & Rec. which has been in place from the beginning of the process to develop the facility at Bear Creek Park. We will manage the facility in conjunction with the County in the same manner that we have at Monument Valley Park with Colorado Springs Park & Rec. We have the authority to run programs at the facility and will be establishing what those will be very soon. Being that this is a new facility there will be some growing pains but if everyone is considerate of one another, we can make this a place that everyone can enjoy.

Open play at the Bear Creek Facility will "start" at sunrise and go until 12 noon. Play will end at sunset. The facility will not have lights, but we have taken the initiative and included the conduits for lights. Once the funds become available the lights can be install at a reasonable price. We will be working with the County to make that happen. 

The paddle up system will be different. It may take some time for everyone to become accustomed to how it works, but with patience, kindness and a good attitude it should benefit everyone. As you well know, any system will work, if everyone helps to make it work.  Please be mindful that not "everyone" will know what is ground truth. If you have questions, please seek a valid source for information. We will do our best to keep everyone informed of what's happening as we stand up this new facility.

Take pride in our new courts. Do your best to assist in keeping it clean. There will be trash cans placed around the facility, please utilize them.

There will be signs placed at the courts and in the Kiosk with information about what is and is not allowed on the courts:
  • You may not place chairs of any kind on the court surface.
  • No shovels of any kind can be used on the courts. Damage caused by shoveling will result in the contractor voiding the warranty of the courts.
  • The courts will be locked when there is snow in an attempt to prevent possible damage. The County does not want the warranty on the courts to be voided and will take measures to protect them.
I know that this won't sit well with some, but hopefully everyone will understand why this is required.

Any instructors wishing to teach for pay on the courts will have to obtain the necessary permits through the County and have the proper insurance in place.

I know this sounds like a lot, but our goal here is to prevent misunderstanding and keep our members informed. We are trying to build a site that will enhance our Pickleball environment for years to come. As with the Monument Valley Courts, this is a "public" facility and must be considered as such.  We will be providing updates as things develop. 


PPPA Board of Directors


To be held this August at Bear Creek Regional Park, Colorado Springs, CO.  Registration opens 21 June!

See all the details at www.r2sports.com/website/register.asp?TID=37755 and see the event flyer.

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After consulting with PRCS on current health guidelines, we are resuming Open Play at Monument Valley Park.  Below are descriptions of both Open Play and Paddle Up systems so please read both.  If you have any questions, please submit them to info@pikespeakpickleball.com.


  • Open play, sometimes called a “Challenge System” is ONLY in effect from 8:00 – noon every day.
  • Open play gives players that do not come to the courts with a foursome, the opportunity to play in with players already on the court.
  • 1, 2 or 3 players wait at a court that has players of like ability already playing. When that game ends, the players waiting can play with whatever number of current players are required to make a foursome.  The current players may stipulate that it is only for one game, whomever wins stays on the court, etc.
  • Please welcome the waiting players onto your court during Open Play hours. If you are in a foursome and do not want to split up, you can play after 12 noon. After Open Play hours, foursomes may stay together and not have others play in. This is helpful when people are practicing for tournaments.
  • Before a player(s) decides on the court they want to play into, OBSERVE THE SKILL LEVEL OF THE PLAYERS ON THE COURT TO SEE IF IT MATCHES YOUR SKILL LEVEL.  If it does not match, please keep looking or find enough players to make your own foursome.
  • After 12 noon, players that come to the courts that do not have a foursome may request to play in but there is no guarantee. You need to talk with the players on the court and request to play in.


  • The Paddle Up system is used whenever all courts are in use and players are waiting.  This can occur during Open Play hours and any other time that the courts are open.
  • When all courts are in use, players should put their paddles in the trough on the west side fence - 4 paddles for playing doubles, 2 for singles.  
  • Players on the courts play one game to 11, win by 2, then give up their court to the first group waiting (first 4 paddles in the trough).
  • When the paddle up system is in effect, the only activity on the courts is playing doubles or singles games.  No lessons or drilling are allowed, except for permitted instructors on the Instructor Court.  If someone is drilling, be courteous and ask if they are aware that the Paddle Up system is in effect.  If they were not, give them the option of playing a game and then relinquishing the court.


  • Open Play is only from 8:00-noon every day.  Players should be welcomed to play into a current foursome during those hours.  After 12 noon, a foursome may stay together so players need to ask if they can play in.
  • The Paddle Up system may go into effect any time the courts are open for use.  Only doubles or singles games may be played during that time. 

PPPA Board of Directors


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