August 16, 2020


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We will be placing an order for more merchandise soon.  If the items you want to purchase are out of stock, please send an email to and let us know what those items are, including size. We will do our best to include all requests in our next merchandise order.

Roslyn Block, Membership Director

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We have received questions on the Paddle Up system and the Open Play process.  These are two different issues and the only thing they share is the use of the bins at the courts.


  • Open play, sometimes called a “Challenge System” is ONLY in effect from 7:30 – noon every day.
  • Open play gives players that do not come to the courts with a foursome, the opportunity to play in with players already on the court.
  • 1, 2 or 3 players may place their paddles in the bin at the court where they want to play in. When that game ends, the players waiting can play with whatever number of current players are required to make a foursome.  (This is still the process even if the Paddle Up system is in effect.)
  • No one can deny a player the ability to play in during Open Play hours. If you are in a foursome and do not want to split up, you need to play after 12 noon. After Open Play hours, foursomes may stay together and not allow others to play in, although we recommend players consider it for at least one game.
  • Before a player(s) decides on the court they want to play into, OBSERVE THE SKILL LEVEL OF THE PLAYERS ON THE COURT TO SEE IF IT MATCHES YOUR SKILL LEVEL.  If it does not match, please keep looking or find enough players to make your own foursome.
  • After 12 noon, players that come to the courts that do not have a foursome may request to play in but putting your paddle in the bin will not guarantee it. You need to talk with the players on the court and request to play in.
  • The Paddle Up system is used whenever all courts are in use and players are waiting.  This can occur during Open Play hours and any other time that the courts are open.
  • When all courts are in use, players should put their paddles in a bin at the court of their choice - 4 paddles for playing doubles, 2 for singles.  You choose the court based on the score of the current game being played or choose a court in the shade or the sun. (If the Paddle Up system is in effect during Open Play hours, you may still play in and put 1-3 paddles in a bin.)
  • The skill level of the players currently on the court is not a consideration because every player has equal rights to use the courts. Remember, you are only going to use the court, not play with the current players.
  • When the paddle up system is in effect, the only activity on the courts is playing doubles or singles games.  No lessons or drilling are allowed.  If someone is drilling, be courteous and ask if they are aware that the Paddle Up system is in effect.  If they were not, give them the option of playing a game and then relinquishing the court.


      • Open Play is only from 7:30-noon every day.  Players cannot be denied the ability to play into an established foursome during those hours.  After 12 noon, a foursome may stay together so players need to ask if they can play in, not just put their paddle in the bin.
      • The Paddle Up system may go into effect any time the courts are open for use.  Only doubles or singles games may be played during that time.  Players can paddle up at any court and must have 4 paddles for a foursome or 2 paddles for singles.

        Hopefully, this will clear things up, but please continue to ask questions as we move through this transition.

        PPPA Board of Directors


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        PPPA Members, most of you remember last year’s request from Bob Koff for used/old paddles to take to US Antarctic Base at McMurdo and the South Pole. Bob is headed out again this winter and could use some more donated used or old paddles that you may have sitting around. Pickleball is gaining in popularity there but they could use some more equipment. Anyone interested in donating paddles can contact Bob at or give him a call on his cell at 719-494-7703. Thanks for your support of this worthwhile effort to share Pickleball in Alaska.

        PPPA Board of Directors


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