20 Apr 2022 8:08 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The deadline is rapidly approaching for nominations for the open Board of Director positions.  All nominations and supporting information for each nominee is due no later than May 1st.  The following positions for this election are:

Each nominee will be required to submit a paragraph (100-word limit) regarding their desire, experience, and qualifications.  Additionally, each nominee will be asked to answer a few questions to help the membership learn more about each candidate so they can make informed decisions.  The answers will be limited to 100 words (per question) and the questions are:

For President Nominees (and Vice President nominees in odd years):

1.  What will you do to lead PPPA for the next 2 years that aligns with the PPPA mission? 

2.  Have you served on a BOD for any other non-profit and if so, what were some of your major accomplishments? 

All Nominees [To include President (and Vice President nominees in odd years)]

1.  Describe your qualifications for this position in accordance with the job description.

2.  What will you do to improve/enhance this position’s contribution to PPPA?             

3.  Have you ever previously served on the PPPA Board of Directors?  If yes, what were the dates of your service and what position did you hold?

Nominees must be current members of PPPA and in good standing*.  You may nominate yourself or another member. If you are nominating another member, please ensure that they are aware and have agreed to be nominated.  Now is the time to consider who you would like to have leading PPPA!

Thank you to all that have already submitted nominations.

Wendy Venturella, Chair

Nomination Committee

*In Good Standing: When Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) uses the term "member in good standing" (RONR, p. 6, l. 20-21, p. 279, l. 34-35, & p. 585, l. 7-8) it is referring to a member whose membership rights are not in suspension, either as a consequence of disciplinary proceedings or by operation of some specific provision in the bylaws of the organization.

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